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Bucks for Babe was started as a way to honor Crisco’s beloved dog Babe and support him after she passed away unexpectedly two years ago this June. With the help of Blaze Credit Union, The Bond Between (formerly Secondhand Hounds), and of course KS95’s wonderful listeners, we were able to turn this terrible loss into a tremendous positive that helped save thousands of pets. 


We are so incredibly grateful for all the listeners who were touched by Crisco’s love for Babe and donated in Babe’s memory in prior years! Each year we laugh, we cry, and ultimately, we've raised 180 THOUSAND DOLLARS for the Bucks for Babe fund! And that money has meant The Bond Between was able to say yes to saving rescue dogs just like Babe. Thanks to Babe, so many dogs and cats were transported from shelters into loving homes and families... and it's time to do it again!

Donate Now to Bucks for Babe


Thank you for your donation!

This year, we want to continue saying yes to thousands of animals in memory of Babe and beloved rescue pets just like her. We’re raising money in memory of her and all of our amazing pets. Join us in supporting the Bucks for Babe fund again this year and say yes to saving a pet's life in honor of your pet!

On June 14th, our rescue team and Crisco are heading to a local Minneapolis shelter to say YES to dogs in need. Let's honor Babe by rescuing as many as possible! You can help by donating below- no amount is too small. Every dollar will go towards saying yes and saving lives this weekend and for the year to come!

With your help, the legacy of Babe and pets just like her will live on.  

Our friends at Blaze want to help Crisco keep Babe's memory alive while saving the lives of animals in need.

That's why they are supporting Bucks for Babe...

Blaze is matching $15,000 in donations

made in honor of Babe!

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