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Tribal Partnership 

At The Bond Between, we truly believe in the power of paying it forward. We have been fortunate enough to have the best volunteers, fosters, donors, and supporters, which has allowed us to grow quickly and effectively.

We have concentrated many of our outreach efforts on our tribal partnerships. We are humbled and excited to be a trusted partner of many tribal communities.

Since 2017, our Tribal Partnerships Program has centered around wellness clinics that bring vital veterinary care to both domestic and community animals. At these clinics, we have been able to fund spay and neuter surgeries for over 200 animals per year, as well as provide wellness exams and life-saving vaccines to over 1,000 animals annually. These numbers represent far more than just statistics; they represent healthier, happier lives for animals that are an integral part of these communities.

This initiative has allowed us to forge deep connections with the Red Lake Nation, the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, and Little Earth of United Tribes in Minneapolis. Together, we have been making a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of animals in these communities.

Our Tribal Partnerships Program is not just about providing healthcare to animals; it's about building meaningful relationships and fostering a sense of community. None of this would have been possible without the support and collaboration of our dedicated volunteers and Tribal Partners: Little Earth of United Tribes, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and Anishinaabe And Awesiinyag, Red Lake Nation and, VeTouch (U of MN), SIRVS (U of MN), Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program, CARE, and Animal Humane Society.

We acknowledge the honor and privilege it is to work alongside our Tribal partners, learning from their wisdom, respecting their traditions, and embracing their values. Your trust in us and your commitment to animal welfare inspire us daily.

As our program continues to grow, we are looking to extend our reach and amplify our impact. To achieve this, we need additional veterinary partners who share our passion for animal wellness and our dedication to supporting tribal communities. If you are a vet tech or vet assistant interested in joining our cause, please email

In closing, our Tribal Partnerships Program is a testament to the power of collaboration, compassion, and community. We are not only healing animals, but also nurturing the bonds between humans and animals, and between different communities.

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The main road block we face in growing this program is funding! Although we currently spend over $45,000 on these clinics each year, we are consistently asked to add more clinic locations. It is so incredibly hard to say no when there is such a huge need. If you are an individual or company looking to maximize your donations' impact in the fight to reduce overpopulation and euthanasia, this is the perfect way to do so!

Please email Katie at to talk more about sponsorship opportunities.

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