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The BB Hospice Program

In the spring of 2015, we started to receive multiple requests for elderly, un-adoptable dogs in shelters. Although our rescue programs are adoption-based, we could not let these senior and terminally-ill animals live out their final days in a cold, lonely shelter. We started our hospice rescue program because all animals deserve to feel love... even if it's in their final days. 

Since then, we have rescued hundreds of hospice animals thanks to the love and support of hospice foster homes! Read about our hospice animals below.

Make a difference for senior and terminal pets in our community through The Bond Between Hospice Program.

This program relies on hospice foster homes to open their hearts to dogs who will not ever leave. They will not be able to find a wonderful adoptive family, they will not watch their foster dog transform into a healthy pet, they will never say “see you later,” but rather “goodbye.” As you can imagine, it takes a very selfless, compassionate, and strong foster to do this. Essentially, they are taking these dogs in as their own, and loving them fiercely until it is their time to pass.

Our hospice animals receive extensive vet care and through this effort some of these animals may become adoptable!

How can I support the hospice program?

A little goes a long way with these amazing animals. Sponsor a hospice animal for a week for $50, two weeks for $100 or a month for $200. We do our absolute best to ensure our hospice fosters cross the rainbow bridge peacefully, and many times this means keeping them at home with their doting foster families. You can provide this comfort by sponsoring an in-home euthanasia for $425. All donations, no matter the size, keep these incredible animals comfortable.

Please consider donating using the button below, or send cash or checks to our office at 5959 Baker Road, Suite 390, Minnetonka, MN 55345


Meet our current hospice animals
Click their picture to learn more about their story or to view their wishlist!

Forever in Our Hearts

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