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Our Wish List

Thank you for viewing our wish list!

The items on our list are essential to running a safe, efficient, and comfortable rescue for our animals. Annually, these items cost us thousands of dollars which could be put towards saving more animals! Our supply needs range in value from $2 – $1,000.

Items we currently need most:

Currently we are NOT in need of:

Towels, sheets, dish soap, dog costumes, pet strollers, pet ramps/stairs. 

We CANNOT accept:

Fitted bed sheets & pillowcases, human bed or throw pillows, comforters, crib/bed mattresses, baby pack-n-play systems.

Items we love to receive:

Under $15

  • Training Treats – soft preferred (Zukes or similar)

  • Hard chew toys (Kong or similar)

  • Bleach

  • Stamps

  • Garbage bags – sturdy, tall kitchen drawstring bags preferred (13 gal)

  • Laundry Detergent – Unscented liquid preferred (no pods or powder please!)

  • Sandwich, quart, and 1 gallon baggies

  • 8″ heavy duty zip ties (to secure kennels) – NOT black preferred

  • Cat litter and litter boxes

  • Paper towels

  • Toilet paper

Under $50

  • Dog Food – (Iams brand, Purina One or anything from Chuck & Don’s or Costco)

  • Puppy Food – (Iams brand, Purina One or anything from Chuck & Don’s or Costco)

  • Kitten & Cat Food (dry food preferred, All Life Stages)

  • Easy Walk harnesses – large and extra-large Find here

  • Slip Leads – this style preferred

Under $100

  • Wire Kennels (large size preferred)

  • Gift cards for gas (for transports, home visits, etc)

  • Chuck & Don’s and Costco Gift Cards (for supplies)

  • gift card (for supplies)

Under $500

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