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Funds for Friends

Many donors and supporters make their gifts in memory or honor of someone they love. We are humbled and grateful to be able to list some of those funds below. We are so fortunate to be a small part of honoring their life and legacy.

Are you interested in starting your own fund benefiting animals and the humans who love them? The Bond Between would be honored to help. 

Funds Benefitting The Bond Between

Bucks for Babe Fund 

This is Babe, loyal and loving best friend to KS95 Morning Show Host, Crisco Radio. Babe the black lab was rescued in 2012 by her forever Dad, Crisco, after she was abandoned 3 different times. The moment he saw her picture he fell in love. The bond was instant and the love they shared was unmatched. Babe loved to roll over and show her teeth for a good belly rub. She loved to chase tennis balls, share kisses with her Dad for treats, and spend time with her people. Not a day went by where she didn’t show her love and she will be missed immensely.

Our community stepped up in memory of Babe and to support Crisco after her passing in June 2022. This fund was created to keep the memory of Babe alive and save so many lives in honor of her! 

The Oliver Fund

A scruffy little terrier poodle mix named Oliver was her rescued soul dog and the light of her life, so Amy Rosenthal created The Oliver Fund to honor his legacy. Oliver was the muse for starting Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding. As a pet therapy team they also brought cheer to nursing home residents and hospital patients. The fund will benefit The Bond Between with a concentration on our community resources and dog hospice care. You can see Oliver's Meet and Greet room at our Minnetonka location!

Seth's Northstar Fund

Our beloved son Seth was known for his kindness and compassion for all animals and people. He grew up with gerbils, rats, and dogs. So, of course, when he went into the Air Force, he got his own dog. His White German Shepherd Carolina and he were inseparable. Unfortunately, they both were hit hard by terrible cases of tick-borne diseases: Lyme in Seth’s case and Bartonella and meningitis in Carolina’s. Carolina survived; Seth did not. Through Seth’s North Star Fund (Seth’s values live on as our North Star,) the Argetsinger/Friedell family supports many organizations, including The Bond Between.

The Chandler Nubbin Fund

Chandler was our Boston Terrier and brought so much joy to our lives, and I think we brought joy to his.  He was always the happiest dog, with his little nubbin’ tail wagging anytime he heard his name.  As a puppy he kept us entertained with his tricks, speed, and agility.  As he got older over time, he always seemed to know what we needed.  He was a great snuggler, a great brother to our boys and our other pets... saying goodbye was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. Chandler taught me how much happiness pets can bring to your life and because of him we continue to add pets to our lives.  We hope that this fund honors Chandler's memory and brings some of the happiness to others that we enjoyed by having him in our lives. 

The Philippe Handerson Fund

Philippe Handerson came to Laurie & Jon in 2015 from an Oklahoma shelter where he had been close to euthanasia. It was clear he had suffered abuse in his past home(s), but that didn't stop him from firmly embedding himself into the hearts of Laurie & Jon. The next 7 years weren't always easy, but Philippe became a beloved family member and best friend. His quirkiness made him who he was. Philippe recently passed away, and Laurie established the Philippe Handerson Fund in his honor, with a special emphasis on corgis and animals who have endured abuse. Philippe's memory lives on, saving and changing lives!

The Murray Beagleman Fund

Murray came to us as a 12-year old beagle/GSD/you-name-it mix with a handful of chronic health conditions and a sassy attitude that belied his age. He made his expectations clear from the very first minute he visited our home, and we immediately set about restructuring our lives to give him the lifestyle he expected: one centered on snack. This meant tearing snuffle mats and cardboard boxes apart to get his lunch (why sniff when you can chomp?), playing a rousing game of find-the-shrimp in the back yard, charming every pet store cashier and veterinary assistant for an extra biscuit, and sprinting (really, more like bouncing in the manner of Pepe Le Pew) back to the house to get his post-walk chicken. We signed up for a senior dog with a few months to live and got an absolute firecracker of spirit, who was the light of our lives for two years. The Murray Beagleman Fund is dedicated to helping every senior dog find a home where their lives are full of enrichment and they get every snack they deserve.

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