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We started our Neonatal Program because we believe in the quality of life for all animals, including puppies and kittens born with health issues or disabilities.


Even with health issues, we have found that these puppies and kittens can thrive and make amazing pets with specialized around-the-clock care. 

At The Bond Between, we believe that every life, no matter how small or vulnerable,  is worth saving, nurturing, and cherishing. That's why we are proud to share with you our Neonatal Program, a labor of love that began in 2019!

Our Neonatal Program was founded with a mission to provide specialized care to puppies and kittens born with unique challenges. We've witnessed incredible transformations that these tiny warriors can undergo, and we're here to make sure they get the opportunity to grow into the amazing pets they are meant to be.



We recognize that not everyone can dedicate their lives to providing 24/7 care for these little ones, and that's where our network of devoted foster homes come in! These amazing neonatal fosters ensure that these special animals get the care they need.


What sets our Neonatal Program apart? 

Immediate Pick Up: We know that when it comes to neonatal care, time is of the essence. That's why we offer immediate pick-up services to ensure that these babies get the care they need from day one.

Anonymous Surrender Process: We respect the personal circumstances of individuals who may need to surrender a neonatal puppy or kitten. Our anonymous surrender process provides a safe and caring way to ensure that these little ones receive the support they require.

 24/7 Specialized Care: Our team is ready and committed to offering specialized care around the clock, ensuring that the unique needs of each neonate are met.
Our Neonatal Program also has experience with a wide range of health issues and disabilities, including:

  • Brachycephalic Breeds & Physical Deformities: Limb deformities, spinal defects, spina bifida, lip, and cleft palate deformities, swimmers syndrome - we're equipped to address and support these conditions.

  • Feeding Expertise: Our team is trained in bottle feeding and manually tube feeding puppies, as well as handling long-term and short-term E-tubes.

  • Health Challenges: We have dealt with various puppy and kitten illnesses, such as pneumonia, aspiration, and hydrocephalus, providing the necessary medical care and attention.

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