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Events with The Bond Between

Puppy parties, adoption events, fundraising events, and more!

We are so excited to both host and participate in a variety of different events throughout the year! Whether you are looking to have puppies attend your next party, want to have The BB represented at your event, or are looking for a fun way to help dogs and cats get adopted... we have the event option for you. Read below for more information or send us an email to learn more!

Don't forget to check out our calendar to see our upcoming events!

What is a Puppy Party?

Want something pawsitively special for your event? Invite puppies!


The Bond Between will bring puppies to your business, home, venue, convention, or virtually for 90 minutes of play! Popular events for Puppy Parties include birthday parties, weddings, corporate wellness events (hello stress relief!), open house events, and more.

By booking this unique experience for a donation, you are helping The BB spread the word about animal rescue and raising money for our programs that build and support the bond between people and pets. These events also provide puppy socialization for young pups! 

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What is an Adoption Event?

Adoption events are a great way to help pets build lasting bonds with people while also attracting attendees to your event. For a donation, The Bond Between will co-promote your event online and bring 3+ adoptable pets along with a booth setup. 

Including adoptable animals at your event can increase attendance substantially! Our adoption event option allows you to help rescue animals find their forever home while spreading the word about

your business. Win, Win!

"We received a ton of feedback from community members that
were so grateful and excited to see adoptable animals at our grand
opening event!" -Meghan, recent adoption event host

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Community Events

We love getting out in our community - especially when it means spending time with both people and pets!  If you're hosting an event and would like The Bond Between to attend, let us know! 

The BB will bring a table with volunteers ready to speak about adoption, fostering, and many other ways to support the bond people and animals share!

Don't forget to check out our calendar to see our upcoming events!

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