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Supporting the Bond Between Animals and People through The BB's Respite Foster Care Program!

We recently received a respite foster request from a woman who needed to go through a 30 day treatment program. She was not going to go unless she knew her beloved dog, Bazzal, would be cared for and waiting for her when she got out. 

We heard their story and knew we needed to help. Bazzal, an adorable 8 yr old male chug, was welcomed into The BB's Respite Foster program. An amazing foster stepped up to foster Bazzal for 30 days until he was able to reunite with his mama.

When Bazzal was dropped off at our rescue offices, his mom brought everything he might need. Toys, blankets, food, sweaters, treats, his toothbrush... all of his favorite things. She also gave us a list of tips and tricks to make sure Bazzal felt at home. It told us how he gets nervous to eat sometimes and adding some hamburger to his kibble can help him eat. It told us that he loves to hear the Barney theme song when he feels unsure. She told us to "sing the Barney song to him... he'll know it's from me and will feel better." All the things a mama would know about her furbaby!

So while he was at his foster home, Bazzal's foster, Kaitlin, did everything she could to make this cute pup feel at home while his mom focused on getting better. He attended holiday celebrations and got to meet tons of new people, spent hours snuggled up with his foster siblings and burrowing under blankets to get cozy, and wanted to be as close as possible to everyone he met. Kaitlin even did a Zoom meeting with Bazzal's mom to check in and let her know that he was doing well!

Handsome Bazzal even got to be part of our Valentine's Day photoshoot! After his mom was back home and doing well, we were able to reunite Bazzal with her! He was so excited to see her and the first thing she sang to him when he was back in her arms was "I love you, you love me... we're a happy family."

Bazzal and Mom... reunited!

This story makes our hearts so happy and our eyes just a little teary, but this is what The Bond Between is all about. We are so thankful for our respite fosters. Helping people keep their pets while being able to take care of themselves when they would otherwise have to give up an animal is so important. It's a resource we need more of in our community. Supporting the bond between people and pets not only means rescuing thousands of animals every year, but it also means keeping pets with the people who love them when we can.

To learn more about our respite program and ways you can help, or become a foster for this program, email

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