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Let's talk about Black Dog Syndrome.

It's a sad reality in shelters: black furred animals often wait longer for their forever homes compared to others. "Black Dog Syndrome" is a phenomenon observed in animal shelters and rescue organizations where black dogs/animals are often overlooked or take longer to be adopted compared to dogs of other colors.

Appearance plays a significant role, as black animals may not stand out as much in kennels or photographs, making them less noticeable to potential adopters.

But you know what else their black furred appearance means - sophistication and charm while also having the tendency of hiding dirt much better than their lighter furred companions!

Let's break the stigma and give these beautiful pups the chance they deserve. To adopt an amazing black dog or cat, head to the adoptable animals section of our website!

There are so many deserving pets who are just waiting to find their forever families at and

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