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Urgent Rescue Mission: Over 50 Cats and Kittens Arriving TODAY!

50+ cats rescued from Northern Minnesota home today!

Late last week, we received a call asking for help saving over 40 cats and kittens from a home in Northern Minnesota. The owner had passed away and the kitties in the home were left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, the cats were not fixed and several cats quickly turned into over 50. We immediately said YES and began planning rescue efforts. Working in collaboration with a dedicated humane investigator team and the property's new owner, early this morning we started the drive up to Minnesota's Iron Range.

When we arrived today, we found every type of cat you can think of... neonatal kittens, pregnant mamas, adult cats, seniors. Each one looking at our team with hope and anxiety in their eyes. All of them are currently riding in our vanimal on their way to The Bond Between rescue offices. We expect them to arrive any minute and we are eager to welcome them to their new life! We are so thankful that our community rallied behind us, allowing us to say yes to so many. Foster offers have been steadily coming in, volunteers have filled the building waiting to welcome the cats, and we have even seen a few supply donations. All of this is so appreciated, as we expect to spend upwards of $10,000 on their veterinary care.

This is the second major rescue operation in the region this week, highlighting the critical need for support. We are providing transport, vetting, and spay/neuter services for the cats and facilitating their journey to loving forever homes. If you are interested in helping, please sign up as a foster or even consider sending in supplies or a donation so that we can keep opening our hearts to more animals in need.

"While our hearts ache for the cats in this situation, we are proud to be able to work with our partners in Northern Minnesota to help find each and every cat a new home," expressed Jennifer Schroeder, Director of Rescue Operations at The Bond Between. "With the help of our fosters and volunteers, we can offer them the chance they deserve for a better life."

For those interested in adopting a cat, these kitties will be available for adoption in the coming weeks on our website!

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1 Comment

Apr 24

Just sent $50 to help with this tragedy. Hope they all get happy homes!

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