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Start 2024 by Helping to Save a Life!

This weekend, we are saying YES to 47 deserving cats and dogs... and we need your help welcoming them to The Bond Between! The 47 faces you see below are all looking for a sponsor to cheer them on as they start this new journey. Puppies, seniors, cats, litters... all with different stories and unique personalities. All looking for their chance at a forever home.

1) A dropbox link with photos and videos of transport and intake. See the animal you helped arrive at The BB!

2) Intake "glamour shots" emailed to you by the following weekend.

3) A sponsorship certificate (if requested)!

4) The satisfaction of knowing YOU helped save a life.

It's simple! Reply to this email and let us know which animal(s) you would like to sponsor, or simply press the button below! We will send you the link to donate $100+ per animal AND more information on their journey! 

Did you know companies can sponsor, too!? It's true! Just email us for more info.

Yes, our name has changed, but our mission still means rescuing animals from high kill shelters and helping them build a bond with a new forever families. In the new year alone, we have already said yes to dozens of animals who would otherwise still be in a shelter.

While we are saying yes to rescue animals more than ever, our general donations have been lower. We need this amazing community to come together and help us save the 47 animals listed below. Your $100 sponsorship pays for an animal's transportation to Minnesota, their intake vetting, supplies, vaccines, medications, and microchips. All of this is essential to the start of each dog or cat's new chapter.

Please take a look at their faces... we hope they inspire you to say yes to sponsoring. You can start off 2024 by saving a life. Thank you!

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