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THE BOND BETWEEN People. Animals. Community.

We are so excited for our new name! On January 1st, Secondhand Hounds will officially become The Bond Between. Our names on social media and our website will change, but our mission saving thousands of animals each year and supporting people and their pets will remain the same.

The bond between our animal companions and their humans is unique. It exists without regard to wealth, gender, politics, age, race, or ethnicity. Every study proves how beneficial animals are to our mental and physical health. They center us with their unconditional love, they allow us opportunities to model compassion, they provide an increasingly rare connection to the natural world. It’s through that loving bond between animal and human, that we discover our own humanity by recognizing that taking care of these critters is not only our challenge, it is our privilege. Together, we are building something amazing, affirming and healing, now and for generations to come.

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